DDB and Audi entrust us with their latest campaign to promote an event sponsored by Audi Quattro in the ski resort of Baqueira Beret and Sierra Nevada. Audi in miniatures invade Baqueira Beret in off-road race.
We chose stop motion technique to give playful feeling to the film.


DDB came to us with an idea in mind. What would happen if we did a miniature race on a ski slope? From this concept, we began to develop a visual proposal based on a car chase through different locations of a ski slope where people and natural elements become obstacles for our miniature cars.

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Making Of

The proposal had a technical challenge, when deciding to use the stop motion animation technique, we needed to control the elements of the shoot,
so it was decided to recreate the different locations with scale models on the set: snow slopes, small mounds and rocks, footprints of boots or ski goggles among many other obstacles.

Making of

We filmed for six days with different models and more of 25 miniature cars.
The animation process was slow since we obtained an average of one second of film per hour, that is, we invest nearby 50 hours to complete the piece.

Client: Audi
Agency: DDB España
Direction: Norte Estudio
Creative Direction: DDB España
Art Direction: Norte Estudio
Modelist: Grau Alcazar Maquetas
DOP: Marçal Vaquer – Ivan Caño (Assistant)
Stop-Motion animación: Lula Gómez – Pau Torrano
Composition: Norte Estudio
Color: Joan Guasch
Sfx: BSO