Norte Estudio meets Betevé during a key moment of its transition from the classic tv and radio communication model to a multi-platform model open to innovation and new strategies to re-invent itself as a new communication media brand.

This new model is oriented to a comprehensive renovation of the corporate identity in which Norte, together with Folch and Goroka, has created, designed and animated all audiovisual creativity.
betevé reel

Case Study

The Contest

Betevé decided to promote two public contest to develop the renewal of the corporate identity (news, radio, apps, social media…). The first stage of this process, focused on the design of the visual identity, was awarded to Folch Studio who contacted us to develop a first showreel a first approach of the identity in motio.

In the second part of the contest, where we had to develop all the content in motion and the strategy behind it as well, Norte and Folch joined forces with Goroka who helped with the shooting.

Transmedia language

The content is shown sequentially to the audience through the animation.
The motion codes of digital interfaces, user experience  and responsive design reinforce the idea of ​​ betevé as a transmedia corporation model.
Clarity, simplicity and consistency are the key concepts that has driven us  to conceptualize and design all the audiovisual content for betevé.

Betevé´s new audiovisual design codes will be key to communicate the new paradigm of the corporation. Essentially it will constantly keep a link with the latest trends in the digital culture.

The betevé curve
We´ve designed an animation curve to keep the coherence among all the platforms. Betevé curve is an animation curve that refers directly to the digital language and the design material.
It presents the content initially quick but it gives time to the audience to consume the content comfortably.

Slide animations
Images and color solids will alternate horizontal and vertical movements reminding us the movement of smartphone os style.

Scaling images takes as a reference the smartphone style as well.

Digital type writing
Writing is one of the most common actions we usually do in the digital environment, so this style was essential to use, especially when presenting the animation of the logotype.

Images, color solids and texts will be scaled according to the responsive logic, adapting their size, shape and format.

Image overlay
When we accumulate several static images in a row, they will be collected and overlayed in the same way that different applications or various windows do it in the current mobile devices.


The brand in motion takes its biggest dimension in the continuity with a wide range of different applications as promos, bumpers, age symbols, sponsorships and more.
Having a visual code coming from the digital trends, which is in constantly transforming, new elements can be incorporated permanently, as they appear and establish in the collective visual scenario. In this sense, what we offer is an open system that grows and expands over time.

continuity reel

Logo bug
The main logo bug will never be static but it will reflect the liquid character of the brand.
It will be animated alternating the umbrella brand (betevé) and its declination. It will have as well the ability to adapt in a responsive way to the animations of other elements in which it can be framed.

Progress bar
It is a re-design of the current one but adding complementary information such a timeline. The text at the bottom will vary depending on the show and it will have information about social media.

Age symbols and audio description. Original version or subtitles option will appear at the same hierarchy level in the lower left corner of the screen.

Graphic bumpers
Stylized iconography from digital operative systems are our reference. It is a field in constant expansion and the brand language will grow with it . This language gives us several advantages: on one hand it helps to reinforce the transmedia character of the brand and on the other hand contributes forcing the brand to keep itself updated.

Betevé | Norte Studio

Long bumpers
Portraying the reality that surrounds the citizens and the environment where they lives is the way we wanted to create engagement with the audience.
Neighborhoods, urban spaces and citizens are an indispensable part of the whole identity. The anonymity offered by the urban space contrasts with the personality of those who inhabit it. Portraying them in their daily activities, in a sincere but anonymous way, to reflect their character and the character of Barcelona.

Self promos
Self promos integrate all the elements of the identity of betevé. The content remains as the protagonist , texts have a generous body and corporate colors. The animation will open and close the piece following the digital language that has been established. New betevé music identity and voice over.


News is an important, if not essential, part of betevé´s new branding. The identity of the News will work in a similar way than the general identity, but with new stylistic contributions.
The headers will contain black and white images to provide sobriety and will be accompanied by the title of the section. The set of applications will have an unified animation system with a different visual and sound code compared to the continuity identity so the the audience can quickly distinguish the type of content.

news reel

Declinations system
The system of declensions establishes the hierarchy for different editions of News. In this way, along with the umbrella brand (betevé), we will find the corresponding declension (matí, migdia, vespre) depending on the information that is issued.

The headers of the different News editions will always work in the same way. As the consumption of information is increasingly fragmented and the audience can choose what to watch, the distinction of the editions is unnecessary. By unifying them we will be able to generate cohesion and give a solid and uniform image.

Betevé | Norte Studio

Section bumpers
Section bumpers will work in the same way as the headers but in shorter durations.


Aplicaciones for news
The representation of information in an infographic way will follow the codes marked by the identity: perpendicularity, geometry and color.
Creating information hierarchy and displaying it visually makes it easier for the user to understand the content they are seeing faster and better. Under this idea, the graphics have been simplified as much as possible, depriving them of any accessory element, integrating only color, typography and pure geometric shapes.

The animation of these elements plays with the geometry of the forms in each case to surprise the viewer. Despite continuing with the digital style marked by dynamic applications, in these cases we´ve gone a step further.

Forecast icons
Maintaining the graphic coherence has been the main objective in the elaboration of all the graphic material for the forecast. Specific icons have been created taking into account the shapes and thicknesses of corporate typography. The animation of the icons has also been created with this same purpose.

Adicional information widget
To display additional information the widget that has been created  can contain what is needed according to the moment. Divided into three parts, it will always have a graphic image, a location element and a section indicator. This element appears as well in other functionalities for the News.

Betevé | Norte Studio

Maps have been redrawn from an infographic point of view, respecting geographical aspects but adapting it to the geometric canons the graphic identity demanded. The animation of the elements plays with the scale of the data elements and the independent movement of the icons.

Music and sound

Beteve´s sound identity is based on a score composed especially for the rebranding.
Nil Ciuró, born in Barcelona, ​​has managed to capture the essence of the project. The fusion of the acoustic world with the digital universe is the main concept on which he based to create a composition that breathes an asymmetrical, minimalist, innovative and contemporary style. The use of sound as a visual element, in permanent dialogue with the image and animation, creates another layer of character for the brand.
Betevés ràdio identity passes through a necessary adaptation as well.

Cliente: Betevé
Dirección audiovisual y motion design: Norte

Dirección creativa: Folch Studio
Contenido live action: Goroka
Música: Nil Ciuró