“A storm chases a mountainous moor, a lonely boat swings slowly in the middle of a lake, a shot breaks the silence in a thick forest, someone lies dead in the snow …”

Ferro is Norte´s first personal project. A dream trip to an anomalous and threatening landscape , a place formed by a strange matter in constant movement that defies the laws of gravity.


When we made our studio visual identity, we wanted to take some photographs with iron filings and use magnets to create various shapes and textures. During the process we realized that, using macro lenses, shapes that were reminiscent of landscapes were obtained.

We decided to shoot them and take advantage of the accident. We began to recreate a series of nordic landscapes that somehow connected with our name.

Once reviewed all the footage we made a selection and started to generate scenarios and visually attractive situations to leave the story open to different interpretations. It is at this moment that we begin to mix real image with 3D modeling and texturizing diverse elements with the same aspect of iron that the landscapes obtained.

Making of

Making of

We would like to thank all the people who helped us:
Marçal Vaquer for his lighting classes, Lavisual for providing technical support and friendship during the filming and above all to Nil Ciuró for enhancing, with its sound design, each frame of the piece.

Direction, design and postproduction Norte

Camera: LaVisual
DOP: Marçal Vaquer
Sound Design: Nil Ciuró