Ogilvy Madrid has approached to Norte to develop this film for its latest ING campaign.
Back to ’99 is a credit card that allows you to buy today
at prices of the 90s.
 With this film we recover memories of that wonderful decade.

Film campaign

The brief was rescuing and shooting moments, actions and gadgets
that moved us to the 90s.
Our approach was to restyle those moments, those actions
and as a result we´ve got colorful nostalgic scenes.

The campaign directed by Ogilvy Madrid has exceeded
all the expectations in platforms like Facebook
with more than 25k comments, 113k reproductions of the film
and 3k shares in just 4 days.
Client: ING España
Agency: Ogilvy Madrid
Direction: Norte Estudio
Creative direction: Ogilvy Madrid – Norte Estudio
Art direction on set: Norte Estudio
D.O.P: Sergi Seitó
Production house: Norte Estudio
 Edit & postproduction: Norte Estudio
Art direction: David Pocull, Albert Oriol y Norte Estudio.
Animation: Albert Oriol
Sound design: Banjo