The proposal was to generate a hypothetical learning system where an artificial intelligence behaves as a human being and its relation with the environment. It generates its own interpretations, filters our most primary cognitive functions, necessary for creation in all disciplines.

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We decided to create disturbing images related to the arts. We counterposed the planes in split screens so the viewer could create his own relations between them.
We´ve designed the music with Nil Ciuró, who created a polyhedral and minimalist atmosphere creating a sound that takes the viewer to different realities: silence, gesture, environment, etc. A synthetic voice representing the artificial intelligence is learning how to say the word Logic.
We wanted to create a film that makes you ask to your self what you just saw. At the end, what is creation about?

Lògic | Norte Studio

Separador #1
Separador #02
Separador #3
Separador #4
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Making of

Client: Betevé / Lavisual
Executive production: Lavisual

Direction and design: Norte
DOP: Lavisual
Music: Nil Ciuró