RedBull, the well-known brand of energy drinks, wanted to generate a campaign that would promote the use of its multi-flavored beverages
for the creation of non alcohol cocktails.
Norte Estudio joined forces with the PimPam agency to develop an ambitious production based on fourteen films for
all the range of flavors of the Austrian brand. Through a montage and an electrifying chromatic palette, we created a fresh and entertaining campaign, ideal for spreading on social networks, special events and retail.

One of the main challenges on this production was the amount of different formats
for the emission. Since the campaign was designed to be broadcasted in multiple platforms, it was required each piece to have the flexibility to adapt  to each one of the formats only shooting once per flavor .


We decided to shoot in such a way that, with a single shot, we could cover all the output formats that were finally made and reconstruct the frames so that they worked perfectly on any platform.

Red Bull Twist | Norte Studio

Three days of shooting were necessary to cover the all the flavors .
Due to the film was the same for all the versions, we had to represent each shot as many times as flavors we had, changing backgrounds, tricks with fruits and the final packshot.


Finally, in the post-production process, we digitally recreate
each one of the cans with a photorealistic render in 3D with the intention of being able to be edited according to the country of emission.

Client: Red Bull
Agencia: Pim Pam Studio
Postproducción, edición, dirección de arte y realización: Norte Studio
Producción ejecutiva: Maria Soler


DOP: Dani Robles
Producción rodaje: Natalia González
Home economist: Pau Arregui / Angela García


Postproduction support: Dani Lorenzo
3D: Norte Studio
3D support: Marc Garsa (Groc studio)
Sound Design: Álex Candela