Norte is founded by Txema Alguacil, Salva Borrego, David Fernández, Xavi Pablo y Marc Teixidó.

 We´re a boutique that produces its own projects.

We take over every part of the process offering agility, fluid communication and the comfort of knowing the same company is leading the project from the beginning to the end.

Make it simple

Idea. Here is where we start our creative partnership with the client creating the idea from scratch or helping to take it further. Controlling all the stages of the project let us knowing upfront how far we can go and what is doable or not.

Directors. As a creative studio we direct our own projects making sure they end up  exactly as we´ve planed since the beginning.

Prodution. We take in account the creative and postproduction needs in our productions. This means, having control in all the stages of the process,  any complication has been detected in advanced.

Postprduction. We design the postproduction stage in advanced. This way we have the control over the final look exactly as we designed in the creative process.

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